That's racist!BLACK DOGS HAVE NAMES LIKE HOPEY, WHEREAS WHITE DOGS ARE OLD AND CONFUSED: For your consideration, here are the front and back covers of an elitist anti-Christian magazine called Nature. [Gawker]

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  1. Is it just me or does McCain look kinda yellow in that cover?

    Perhaps his stay in the Hanoi Hilton caused changes other than inability to use technology and a crabby disposition?


  2. [re=118887]ihasasad[/re]: there’s actually an awesome picture of Cindy looking exactly like that, but i can’t find it on the tubes. Someone, please help! She has on a blue dress and – aw, fuck it! – she looks just like that dog. Please find.

  3. The black dog’s facial expression is one of wisdom, empathy and steady leadership.

    The white dog seems to be confused and possibly defecating.

  4. A friend of mine adopted a dark brown dog from a family in Arkansas. They also had the dog’s light brown litter mate up for adoption. The dogs were named “Buckwheat” and “Alfalfa,” respectively. For reals.

  5. [re=118919]Josh Fruhlinger[/re]:

    In a similar vein, last weekend my local newspaper stated, in a column on pets and animals that are up for adoption, that black dogs and cats are harder to find homes for than white and lighter colored ones. ‘Course we are in the South, so…….

  6. Latest probabilities:

    Black Lab 83.8% probability of victory
    Yellow Lab 16.2%

    …before the Diebold Factor, of course.

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