• ROVE, YOU SCOURGE: Talking about the possibility of Hurricane Gustav making landfall during the Republican convention, Karl Rove tells Fox News, “The Republicans can’t seem to get a break when it comes to August and when it comes to the weather.” Right in the middle of the president’s vacation, frequently! Stupid asshole weather, poor Republicans.
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  1. …personally I think the Republicans are going to use Gustav as a reason NOT to show up at the convention. Lets see how long it takes Bush and Cheney to pull out so that WALNUTS! doesn’t have to be seen with them?!

  2. eh, what do they care? If it hits N.O. it is just going to flood out more of those Negroez. Rove probably sees it as a periodic cleansing effort.

  3. It’s really awful how much Republicans are always suffering due to bad weather in August. I remember a few years ago how all those Republican corpses were floating in the water in New Orleans, all because Mayor Nagin wouldn’t telekinetically deliver buses the federal government told him not to send.

  4. [re=73378]Electric Zen[/re]: truly, I posted some snark, but this just leaves me speechless. I mean…holy shit. though I am not sure why I am surprised, really.

  5. [re=73386]grendel[/re]: aw what the hell, i didn’t really have any plans this weekend. best idea since Cheney’s naked corpse was dragged by chariot around the walls of Baghdad.

  6. The thousands dead in Katrina, according to Karl Rove: a bad break for Republicans.

    Does this guy deserve a life of torture or death?

  7. you all said it all. the repubs just don’t listen to god or mother nature. reading some fourth hand account of someone’s wet dream (the bible) makes a lot more sense to them.

  8. Was it really wrong to pray for rain? Looks like your God is giving you your answer, Evangelical douchesacks.

    The only way I might believe in true justice here is if Gustav goes up the Mississippi and parks over St Paul next week.

    I’m hoping it rains for a while before Hopey’s speech today….enough for a giant rainbow to form over the Unicoronation!

  9. [re=73400]ReverendGreen[/re]: My vote: life of torture. Or having to listen to KO calling him the “Worst Person in the Worlddddd!” for eternity.

  10. For a hurricane in which people are now ready to evacuate, he’ll leave the convention. For a PDB warning of an imminent terror attack with lots of likely casualties, he clears brush.

    Go fig.

  11. Meanwhile, the weather in Denver? Sunny and warm with winds 10 to 15 mph. Perfect conditions for rock ‘n roll hopey talk and returning sight to the blind. Clearly God votes Democrat.

  12. Poor Karl. I hope everybody hears this quote.
    And I seriously hope that more and more people will make the connection between Karl and his crew, and the latest Republican candidate.
    These people are that little voice in your head that tells you constantly that you’re not good enough. Like, no, you can’t quit smoking. Or, no, you can’t lose weight and be healthy.
    Or no, you’ll never be good enough, so you resign yourself to the dull rut of mediocrity.
    The are the contempt that is bred in familiarity.
    They are the misery that loves company.

  13. Rove’s just worried that, if hit by water, he’ll melt into a puddle a la the Wicked Witch of the West. And he’d miss those flying monkeys, people.

  14. Lay off of him, he’s just joking around. It’s like when they did that video of Bush looking around the White House for those missing WMDs and people got all huffy because they thought he shouldn’t be making light of starting a war over false pretenses.

  15. “The Republicans can’t seem to get a break when it comes to August and when it comes to the weather.”
    People, People! This is so sad. And you are laughing. Laughing! When the poor, hapless Republicans can’t seem to get a break. I hope all of you are ashamed of yourselves.

  16. [re=73374]Jukesgrrl[/re]: It’s because God is just another fucking incompetent liberal elitest Democrat, and probably black to boot. Asshole.

  17. [re=73385]EnBuenOra[/re]: It’s like Raaaayaaaaain on your wedding day (to the Military-Industrial Complex)

    It’s like a freeeeeeeeee ride on your wife’s pri-vate plane.

    It’s like Rove’s adviiiiiiiiice that’cha can’t help but take.

    And who would’ve thought it’d figgered.

  18. Rove is an asswipe…[obvious, but fun to type]…

    Fox news is saying the Repugs might postpone the convention…

    Jindal declared a state of emergency last night…in addition to Paulson, Chertoff is supposed to make an appearance with Nagin this afternoon….

    Loyola University, and Holy Cross have already suspended classes…..Loyola has told its students to evacuate the campus…

    lots of sandbags are being placed behind levees ….the industrial canal and portions of the west bank in particular are considered dicey….

    the whole gulf coast is switching into high gear…3,000 Louisiana National Guardsmen are on alert….they say buses and such are being lined up….and that there will be no central gathering place in case of emergency a la the Superdome…

    if they declare an evacuation, its going to be mandatory……as in house to house forced evacuation…

    at last count 8,000 city residents have signed up for city help in evacuating…out of an expected 30,000 who might need help…

    there are a good number of people leaving the city this afternoon rather than chance the 8 hr, 0 miles per hour trek from New Orleans to Baton Rouge encountered last time…

    i know, wrong site for this sort of thing…blah blah blah…

    just thought some of you might like to know….

  19. And here I thought maybe god really did hate the gayz. Southern Decadence is supposed to start this weekend. Huh. What are they gonna do if it turns out he kinda doesn’t like the republican’s either? Wait, shit…can someone check on Pastor Ted’s whereabouts?

  20. [re=73506]anabellum[/re]: Well at least Jindall now has a legitimate excuse for not going to the Rethug snooze fest. Who will have birthday cake with WALNUTS! now?

  21. I see Limbaugh picked up the story line of the media rooting for Hurricane Gustav to slam New Orleans so they can gain points for Obama by rehashing Hurricane Katrina.

    Props to for pointing out last night how the media were cheering Gustav on. Its disgusting how MSNBC particularly would use hurricane victims for political gain.

  22. [re=73546]Gypsy Man[/re]: I’m very disappointed in another hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast but the timing really serves the GOP right. I don’t have cable and never watch television anyways so I don’t know about any media narrative but that’s pretty fucking sick if they are “cheering it on”. I do, however, find that hard to believe and think it’s the GOP making shit up to play the victim.

  23. top d-bag Rove is concerned about the winds a blowin, he never said anything about his gay step-dad. FUCK HIM. ROVE HAS RUINED OUR COUNTRY.

  24. [re=73546]Gypsy Man[/re]: Yo man I like how you just tiptoe in here all casual and drop a turd like no one will notice! Yea limbag is SO f’in credible you might has well have said “oh did you see where limbag pulled another giant shitwad out of his gargantuan ass and is feeding it to his sniveling corps of succubistic (sp?) sycophants and telling em it’s chocolate cake!” Oh an that lameass site you linked to–man even tha crickets had left the comments section it was so f’in empty! Oh an by the way here’s the vid–that conveniently nobody linked to–of Rachel talking about the hurricane. If you can show me where she’s being “gleeful”, I’ll give you a whole chocolate cake you can have all to yourself!!!

  25. Karl was just being sarcastic. Gustav hitting New Orleans again is exactly what the Repugs want: that’ll take care of killing all those black folks Katrina didn’t do away with.

  26. Yeah, it’s kinda weird that tropical storms and hurricanes usually come around in late summer. But let’s not get all sciency and say it’s due to seasonal climate fluctuations. I prefer to believe that God is like millions of us who just hate to see summer go. He gets mad and takes it out on the planet in the form of hurricanes. Thats also why he kills all the trees in the fall, makes kids miserable by starting a new school year, and keeps screwing up the cures for muscular dystrophy (MD). If Jerry Lewis really wanted to cure MD, he’d move his telethon to the spring.

  27. [re=73546]Gypsy Man[/re]: I could have gone all day without seeing the name Rush Limpballs. Now you have ruined a perfectly good evening for me.

  28. Silly Repuglicans, they always forget that, yes, god does
    answer your prayers, but sometimes the answer is no.

    That’s only if you believe in your magical invisible friend,
    me, I’m sticking with the Flying Spaghetti Monster, my
    prayers are always answered but in a language I can’t understand.

    Jerry w

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