WHOA DENNIS KUCINICH MAKES EVERYONE CRAZY! You realize that all the speeches are stale bullshit and it’s just a lot of background noise while Chris Matthews talks about his memories. But Dennis Kucinich just killed in here, with a screaming “WAKE UP AMERICA” rant/chant that was quick and nutty. Maybe true, too! [The Swamp]

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  1. Looking ahead to tonight’s schedule.

    In the 8-9pm slot:
    Pamella Cash-Roper
    Unemployed nurse and lifelong Republican from North Carolina

    WTF? “lifelong Republican” with a hyphenated surname???!?! They expect us to believe this?

  2. Oh, snooze.

    Like the Democrats as a group, or individual Dwarves like Dennis, will be able to do anything meaningful to save this country from itself, or slow The Inevitable Downfall of Western Civilization.

    I only wished I was going to live the additional 40 or so years required to watch The Collapse – Live, On FAUX!

  3. “Where the white women at?!”

    Actually, I’m cool with Tiny Dancer bring teh krazy. But only if he keeps the arm candy on display at all times.

  4. He’s a spritely little hobbit! He reminds me of my friends’ Italian Greyhound.

    Very Good speech. Hope to see a few more like it tonight.

  5. [re=70560]Jonny Lieberman[/re]: Me, too. Worked on his campaign. A genuine, right-on human being. With an enormous aura. And somethin’ that caught Miz Liz!

  6. WAKE UP AMERICA! I love it. Gotta give him props for having the enthusiasm to call it like he sees it and to act on principle, i.e. issuing articles of impeachment. I can’t help but like the guy.

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