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Hey there, Wonkeputians! Shypixel here to remind you to remember our Commenting Rules For Radicals, Enjoy!

  • grendel

    Which war in Iraq? We keep coming back like locusts…

  • mattbolt

    Where we’re going, we don’t NEED permits. Fuck tha pigs. Let em give us a ticket. Their bylaws pertaining to public assemblies without a permit can’t touch me, man.

  • shortsshortsshorts

    Right on. If they want “street theater” there should definitely be an I.E.D. or two on the way, maybe even a teenage girl posing as a suicide bomber.
    Now THAT’s entertainment.

  • RuperttheBear

    Wow. Something may has actual meaning. At a political convention, of all places.

  • Gopherit v2.0

    There’s a lot of Hillary signs in that group.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …am I the only one that thinks the shyt is going to hit the fan in St. Paul?! And Im not talking about a solid turd, no I’m talking about 3 week old, fermented diarrhea.

  • Cogito Ergo Bibo

    Do 20 people actually constitute a march? I mean, every grade school field trip ought to pick a cause and go for it, if that’s the case. Like, more pizza days in the cafeteria. You know. Something of import to the masses.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …normally these protest are much larger, maybe the public finally “gets it” and realized they are protesting at the wrong parties events?

  • SayItWithWookies

    Do wounded veterans not believe in freedom?!

  • edgydrifter

    Why does Denver have a park for Mexican goat sucker monsters? Maybe the Paultarditos are right about this whole Amero thing.

  • cs11

    from the picture on the linked article, it looks more like a hillary rally?

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    Yeah, but they’re ostensibly protesting the nomination of the one guy who said they never should have been sent there at all, and that those there now should be shipped home asap. Sorry, vets, but I gotta tell you the same thing I would say to the Hillz diehards, Rev. Wright, Madonna, etc.

    Eat a big ole piece of SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    You’re either with us or you’re against us. At least until after election day.

  • snig

    We need Griff Jenkins to push his way into the middle of them and poke his mike in their faces. This is the only way we can understand them.

  • RuperttheBear

    [re=70292]Botswana Meat Commission FC[/re]: Yesh. If they are protesting BHO’s nomination we should take away their crutches. I work with a lot of returning vets and they are often quite sad and broken people, so I was hoping this might be a good thing, or at least better than the white twenty-somethings with dreadlocks beating drums to save the chickens from KFC or shit.

  • Tybalt

    [re=70232]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Apparently they’re all shouting “FUCK FOX NEWS! FUCK FOX NEWS!” like all God-fearing Americans.

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    Oh I feel sympathy for vets, too. But if they feel like their civilian lives need meaning and they really want to end the war, maybe they should be campaigning FOR Barry Hussein instead of protesting outside the convention.

  • RuperttheBear

    [re=70304]Botswana Meat Commission FC[/re]: True, true. I missed anything in the article that said they were anti-BHO, though. Am I being dense?

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    The article was vague, but trying to do an “unpermitted march” outside the convention is pretty much guaranteed to stir up the media and be seen as a “protest.”

    Why can’t they work within the campaign? That’s my main point. I feel like a lot of liberals are actually afraid of winning this election. They have such a beaten-down, outsider mentality that they really do think it’s all about “street theater” and protest and being the loyal opposition.

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    Actually, I think this is the saddest protest ever (From Huffington Post): “A couple hundred Hillary Clinton supporters marched on the Democratic National Convention Tuesday afternoon, as promised.”


    The video is hilarious; like walking zombies. I think death row inmates walk quicker to the gurney than these gals.

  • bunnyhead

    [re=70300]RuperttheBear[/re]: white twenty-somethings with dreadlocks beating drums to save the chickens from KFC or shit. No disrespect to chickens, but this is why we need the draft, so all Americans can hear about the wars we fight, first-hand from a family member, friend or neighbor, instead of Rush or some other chicken-hawk.

  • Whiskeybaby

    Did anyone read that NYT magazine essay on the weekend about the journalist and photographer in Iraq who basically got a soldier killed while trying to help them get a photo? For some reason, it was the first thing I’ve read or heard that really gave me any sense of what it must be like over there. He talked about these baby-faced 22 year old kids that were the leaders of their platoons. And this one soldier who he described as being terrified of everything and who reminded him of the scared wimpy kid in the playground who’s always accusing the other kids of hurting him…of course he was killed the following week.
    It’s a brilliantly written and really disturbing story that only reinforced my conviction that if the neocons think war is so sexy maybe they should all be over there fighting.

  • KevoTron

    [re=70338]bunnyhead[/re]: I’ve been saying that since I was 18. I spent six months in Europe right after High School and I was impressed with how everyone does there mandatory year, two years, whatever. No bitching. No whining. Show up and do it. I’m sure that’s a big reason why there is so much more opposition to war in those countries. It’s MUCH easier to support a war when your kids are going to college not into the Army.

    I think we should all do one year right out of high school (with pay and benefits) and then you can enlist for longer if you like. Of course I’m 28 now and getting beyond draftable so of course I’m all for it.