• WAIT, WHAT?: The Washington Post‘s masterful Chris Cillizza: “A huge crowd today could be a mixed blessing for Obama. On the one hand, it is a potent symbol of the excitement his candidacy has caused worldwide. On the other, thousands and thousands of cheering Germans may not play well stateside. Does a big crowd work to Obama’s benefit or detriment? Or somewhere in between?” The teevee crowd, of course, shares this sentiment. What do these people mean? That the “benefit” is the image of a large, excited crowd, and the “detriment” is that it’s a large, excited crowd of Nazis? [WP/The Fix]
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  1. My grandmother still won’t buy a German car (she was in the British secret service in the Second Great War), so I understand completely that the 90 and over crowd is PROBABLY a bit peeved.

  2. Yes because big enthusiastic crowds of people going to see politicians are indicative of a “meh” electorate. That’s why McCain’s crowds of 10s of old, sleeping, and pants wetting people are a better sign of his overwhelming popularity among voters.

    Oh MSM, why must you keep on this horse race charade?

  3. The implication is that foreigners cheering Obama make a lot of dumb Americans notice that the damn foreigners are cheering that damn Barack Huuuussein Obama.

    The assumption being that the re-animated Frankenstein monster / pitchfork-bearing villager hybrids wandering the American electorate will angrily wave their pitchforks and yell “Foreign! Foreign bad! We no like f***ot foreigners! We no want foreigns to like us! Rawwwrrr!”

  4. [re=43348]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Is it really still technically a horse race if the only two participants are Secretariat and Eeyore?

  5. [re=43350]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Surely, but don’t fuck with the Gray Panthers. There’s nothing worse than being bloodied by a horde of walkers.

  6. [re=43347]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: I’m sure your grandmother is a wonderful woman, but I think I speak for all of us in saying we are grateful she is not behind the wheel of a 360 bhp BMW 7 Series.

  7. They’re hearkening back to the Kerry campaign, which tried (in its charmingly inept way) to point out that every foreign country in the world preferred a hypothetical Kerry presidency to the actual Dubya presidency. Of course Dubya portrayed that as a sign that Kerry was going to be beholden to world opinion, hated America, etc. etc.
    How this’ll play out when a black Muslim is cheered by thousands of skinheads is another matter entirely.

  8. I went to Germany a few years ago. I told people that I was from Canada.

    Today I got to see photos of a huge audience of Germans waving American flags.

    Thank you media for spinning that into something bad. The bitters needed something to be bitter about. Can’t you make them bitter about McCain instead? It wouldn’t be hard… and then you wouldn’t have to ruin things for the rest of us.

  9. I get it — Obama is leading us through the portals, into the alternate universe. Cillizza understands! The crowds there will hurt him, help him.

    It’s just like: “My [Banking] committee [which I’m not on] . . .” I speak nothing but English, except when I speak Indonesian. Take the references here:

    “America, this is our moment. This is our time” – Obama, speaking in MN the night he officially won the Dem nomination (6/3).

    “People of Berlin — people of the world — this is our moment. This is our time” – Obama, in his first formal speech of his foreign tour (7/24).

    hat tip to

    Reality depends on whom you are talking to. And he will lead us to our own private realities.

  10. Well think about it; 850 Billion people (appx.) showed up to Ron Paul’s rally and he lost BEFORE that even happened. So, I’m going to go ahead and extrapolate that to mean that Obama has actually already lost the election. In Germany, that is.

  11. Jeebus! I wish the media would say some nice things about McCain and his huge crowds in PA. Like 17 dudes in a donut shop worrying if they will still be able to buy the fixins to blow up buildings in our country if this negra gits eeelectud.

  12. This is the kind of journalism that was missing from the Iraq trip: insightful, informed, insipid, obvious, stupid, self-serving, douchey.

  13. [re=43390]Tawmn[/re]: I’ve had this idea for a franchise business called “White Supremacist Self Storage.” Frick’in idea ahead of its time.

    Anyhoo. . .

  14. But this is how political reporters/pundits always work. They make a declarative statement but then say the complete opposite of that declarative statement and then sit back and basque in the sheer brilliance of their political wisdom.

  15. [re=43383]MrAgro[/re]: it’s sad that we know they’re going to do it and they still do. andrea mitchell is still pissed barack didnt let her watch him do…stuff…tuesday. cunt.

  16. Ach! Die Deutschen and their fascination with the black skinned man — not so much the woman. The country has been full of African men for going on forty years and the story goes likes this: African man, usually a student on a fellowship, comes to the great schools of Germany. They will come, they will learn they will return home. Arf, arf, arf.

    It goes more like this: African comes to Germany. On the way to the university from the airport he meets and falls in love with a blond fraulein. They have a baby before their stop and he leaves her behind. It’s like some ritual that African men have over there. All these beautiful mixed race babies no group will claim.

    The erotic tension between a zulu-dicked purple dark man and a frustrated, rationalized to death German girl is powerful shit. Even more powerful is the fear the Germany government has of being the slightest bit un-African; the reverse reactive/formation of some nasty Nazi stuff, I’ve heard about.

    Who knows why the fucking insane Germans went ga-ga over this Taupe American. It’s not like they’re needing HIM over there for any reason. I don’t know, it has something to do with sexual tension and fear of being called genocidal maniacs.

  17. Chilizzza has always been a Jomentum-loving Hill-hag who envies and despises Hopey for A) beating Madame and B) doing it classy-like. Honestly, I’m surprised he has the energy to blog at all what with toting that 1/2-ton bag of dicks everywhere. The man loves his snacks.

  18. [re=43347]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: All 3 of them?

    And did I miss something here? I mean, Obama is speaking in Germany, not France. I thought France was the country we were supposed to hate because they wouldn’t help us go bomb anyone with oil and then later say “Well I thooooooooooooought they had WMDs, I really did. Well, better bomb the country next to them just to make sure…”

  19. Aren’t the people who generally hate Barack the ones who secretly approve of German facism? Will German love for our Senator McHopey turn them around. “Well, hell. I guess if NAZIS can love his black ass, I can too”?

  20. [re=43362]SayItWithWookies[/re]: [re=43349]EnBuenOra[/re]: Yep – whole lotta elitist Yer-a-peein’s jumpin’ on that there trendy bandwaggin’ votin’ fer the Niggra. Nex’ thing ya know, a buncha Frenchies are gonna start wearin’ his T-shirts. Sheee-yit. Well, I ain’t gonna rahd that train, nosirree! Ah’m votin’ fer John McCain, the only real ‘Merican left in this goldang race!

    [re=43465]sanantonerose[/re]: Both of them.

  21. [re=43492]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Ha!

    Also, I have no beef with Germany (even though my grandmother fled from France in 1944…no, it’s cool), but a large crowd of German people cheering for anything but David Hasselhoff freaks me out.

  22. [re=43465]sanantonerose[/re]: Although the “Hitler” comparison’s little strong. Maybe their equivalent would be German punk bands or something.

  23. [re=43525]greatgooglymoogly[/re]: Nah, that’s the beauty of Hitler. Germans can get as freaky as they want now, and all they have to say if anyone objects is “Ja, vell, Eim no Hitler. ZAT ver some scary scheiza zer, fur realz.”

    It’s like being Charles Manson’s nephew–nobody gives a hoot if you curb some dude outside a bar; it just doesn’t rate by comparison. Once you’ve had a Hitler in the “family tree” all your fetishized nationalist homi-sexu-cidal proclivities seem very banal and humdrum.

  24. “the “detriment” is that it’s a large, excited crowd of Nazis?”

    No, No, Jim. There’s been a lot of immigration to Germany over the last few decades. Its a crowd of Moslem terrorists!

  25. [re=43373]Political Addict[/re]: ok, you know how it says on the packet “do not stop taking these pills without medical supervision”? you should pay attention to that.

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