BARACK OBAMA IS THE HOTTEST JEW SINCE ERIC BANA IN ‘MUNICH’: According to 1 percent of respondents to a Pew research poll, Barack Obama is not a fire-breathing Muslim or a wingnut Christian but in fact a nice Jewish boy, just like Sammy Davis Junior. [Pew Research Center via The Plank]

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  1. P.P.S. Look for John McCain to try and compensate with a rousing performance of “Tradition” at the Heritage Foundation.

  2. So McCain becomes Panamanian to woo Latino voters, Barack throws crazy minister under bus, becomes Jewish. I don’t see it changing the outcome in November. All us Obamatards are going to have to learn to love Mogen David wines, but hey, I can do that. Only way I got through Thanksgiving at my first in-laws home.

  3. Clearly, these are the same idiots who think that the Jews run everything…now, of course, that theory makes sense, since they also seem to think that literally EVERYONE is Jewish.

  4. Barack is a Hebrew name… Obama is an Arabic name… I guess he loves eating hummus after having circumcised sex through a hole in a sheet.

  5. Off topic: Has anyone noticed that the Generation Kill ad to the left looks like they photoshoped a combat helmet onto a pic of Lou Reed from back in the 70’s?

  6. [re=33760]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]:
    He just celebrates it all. It’s an Obama HanKwanRaMas. If he were not so religious then it would have been Festivus.

  7. [re=33760]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: Actually, not really. You know how many American Jews celebrate Christmas? Heck, lots of those who don’t still put up a festive “Hanukkah Bush”.

    All this means is that Sasha and Malia have lucked into the same sweet two-gift-giving-holidays deal that I got growing up in a dual-faith family. Girls, remember to share your phat lewts with the other children.

  8. Barack Obama? You mean that nice professor Barry from Hyde Park who lives across the street from the synagogue? He’s a mensch, that one.

    Uru, uru achim!
    Uru achim b’lev sameach!

  9. I knew an Italian plumber who could tell whether or not his customers were Jewish by looking in their kitchens– “Two-a sinks; mus’ be Joo.”

  10. Well, Obama’s performance as Tevye in high school was transcendent.

    However, in West Virginia and other bitter areas, being Jewish is probably worse than being Muslim. So I’m not sure if this helps anything.

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