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who is that magnificent kitten?!You are looking to reach over 900k unique human beings each month, and we are looking to keep from peddling our children on the street. Let us help you help us! Wonkette readers are born with an advanced degree and at least one third of them have jobs. We serve more than three million pageviews per month. You could even get an in-post ad, like that thing, below!

If you are an actual Wonkette reader, like the kind who gets at least one-third of our dumb jokes, and are also a jerb-creating entrepreneur, we are beginning a special program, “Friends of Wonkette.” There, we will put your ad up, tell our rabid and devoted community you are one of us one of us, and take a cut of the avalanche of sales that will roll in and crush you, LITERALLY.

As to our Readers Like You, they come in many delicious flavors (most of them “motley” and “ragtag”). About 90 percent of them are in the US, and also:

Under 24: 15%
25-34: 21%
35-44: 24%
45+: 39%

< Under 50k: 48% 50-100k: 29% 100-150k: 13% Over 150k: 10% EDUCATION No College: 25% College Degree: 46% Advanced Degree: 24% SEX Male: 51% Female: 49%

We have sponsored posts, native ads, site skins, widgets, polls and mobile. Don’t think we’re above putting “Presented by Fartknocker” or whomever on the back of our #wonkebago, either, because we’re totally not. Shoot us an email at, and let us hash out all the dirty deets.

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