Barack: Bigger Than Jesus

obamamic.jpgUberpollster Survey USA has conducted its semi-monthly survey of every damn U.S. Senator and his/her approval rating. Whatever the opposite of an upset is, it’s this: Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is the most beloved statesman in the land. Eighteen hard months of being handsome, making speeches, and being handsome have paid off, as 72% of Illinoisans give thumbs up to the skinny kid with the funny name. as some wags have observed, Obama is the only Democrat who can appear in any state and be a boon to his party’s candidates (imagine Hillary stumping for someone in Nebraska. See?). The most popular Republican is Maine’s Olympia Snowe, whose presidential draft movement is slightly, slightly smaller than Obama’s.

Among the other findings: Lots of the Republicans up for re-election this year (besides Snowe) are eating it. Conrad Burns (Mont.)? Thirty-seven percent approval. Rick Santorum (Penn.)? Forty-three precent. Mike DeWine (Ohio)? Forty-five percent. But for some reason Trent Lott is cruising along at a 68% rating. Lesson: More Republicans should support segregation and/or run in Mississippi.

100 US Senator Approval Ratings [Survey USA]

David Weigel

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