Politics and Pro Wrestling — What More Could We Ask For?

Hotline is way, way more fun than usual today. Apparently, the WWE, tired of mere “rocking” of the vote, has gone the next step and started “Smackdown the Vote,” which provides the funniest method yet for political strategists to desperately grasp at the youth vote. They had an event last Monday night. Hotline went stayed home. But someone sent in the pictures:
Bill Burton, the DCCC’s communications director, Ali Wade, the campaign director, and Jon Vogel, the northeast political director, are pictured here with wrestler Mick Foley.

Amy Hopican of the Winston group and Carolyn Weyforth, dir. of television from the RNC, with Gregory Helms.

If anyone else went, we’d love to see more pictures.

Burning question: which party’s political strategists are cuter? Not counting pasty, awkward DCCC guys, natch.


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