War on Terrorism Update

Yesterday, AP reported that police in Nepal arrested nearly 100 journalists Monday after scuffling with them during a protest to demand King Gyanendra immediately lift media restrictions in Nepal imposed four months ago. In a statement, White House press Scott McClellan said, “We are pleased to see that King Gyanendra is doing his part in the war on terror.”

Ha, ha. I kid. But speaking of abuses of power, I was pleased to see Scott McClellan clear up some things about “extreme” interrogation techniques at Gitmo. Asked if the methods described this week’s TIME magazine article (Christina Aguilera, puppet shows) are really “acceptable,” McClellan responded, “If you have specific questions about specific techniques, I think that’s best directed to the Department of Defense. I would just say, though, Ken, this is not ’24.'” And it’s true — “24” has much better ratings.

Nearly 100 Journalists Arrested in Nepal [AP/ABC]
Inside the Interrogation of Detainee 063 [TIME]
Press Briefing by Scott McClellan June 13, 2005 [WhiteHouse.gov]

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