Tom Delay and a Small Circle of Friends

A friend forwards us this note, saying “this is how it arrived to me, forwarded — no original headers, nada…” and pleading “I do want them to succeed … !!!!” Which is why, we assume, it came to us, despite the bizarre injunction set forth below (emphasis added):

Lets Have Fun with Tom Delay’s K Street Hilton Dinner on Thursday Night!
Please circulate to friends only!
no blogs – please!
Delay Protest
16th & K St, NW
Come in Carnival Outfit / Bring your own signs – help hand out soap for Delay supporters to clean up!

Considering the success with which the Democrats have harnessed the blogosphere so far, this prohibition signals either a newly acquired understanding of reverse psychology, or, more likely, the status quo. Whatever. You kids have fun.

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